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Re: Worm probes

  • From: Chris Grout
  • Date: Tue Sep 18 12:12:18 2001

Appears that if it gets a 404 back from its intial unicode scans, it just keeps looking elsewhere. If the server responds with anything other than a 404 (such as a 403 IP Rejected, in this case...) It attempts to get the server to tftp a file named "admin.dll" from the scanning system.

I pulled the admin.dll from an infected box and to my non-programming eyes, it appears to do at least the following (in no order):

1. Adds the guest account to the local Administrators group and then activates the account
2. Use the anonymous
3. Makes sure c$ is shared
4. Tries to mail a bunch of files. HELO it uses is aabbcc. <*** Might be able to use this for a quick and dirty IDS Sig***>
5. Looks like admin.dll ends up in "c", "d" and "e".
6. creates a file named readme.exe which is actually a wav file (weird?)

I could be totally wrong here (and probably am) but oh well...