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RE: Yahoogroups and Carnivore

  • From: Daniel Golding
  • Date: Mon Sep 17 16:41:02 2001


While I am not a supporter of Carnivore, I did have the...privilege, let's
say, of being served with a court order to install one, several years back.
This was before it was quite public, except amongst the extremely paranoid.
Although it creeps me out in principle (which, BTW, did not seem to bother
the assigned FBI agents at all :), it was designed in a way so that it would
not effect the traffic of the network it was being connected to. And believe
me - I tried very hard to find a good reason not to connect it, as the court
order gave an out, if it would damage or degrade our network. I was unable
to find any way that it would degrade that network, despite my best efforts.
Remember - those utilizing this device feel quite strongly that it should
not be detectable. This follows from the principle that, when bugging a
restaurant filled with Mafioso, a boom mike dropped from the ceiling may be
a dead give-away.

- Daniel Golding

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As of yesterday, the performance of Yahoogroup's has
degraded from a couple minutes, to a couple of hours
between posting and distribution. It is rumored that
this is due to Carnivore being installed at major
ISPs throughout the country.

Any insights?



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