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RE: What Worked - What Didn't

  • From: Vivien M.
  • Date: Mon Sep 17 14:01:55 2001

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> Sent: September 17, 2001 1:49 PM
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> Subject: Re: What Worked - What Didn't
> Akamai did not work well Tuesday morning, at least for me. I do 
> not know whether their servers
> were overloaded, or couldn't get content from the source, but 
> they did NOT work
> well as seen from here.
> Washington, for example, loaded ONCE for me before about 
> 3:00 PM EDT, and I
> know that site is Akamized. kept alternating between Akamaized and not Akamaized in my experience; I'm guessing that it takes some time for content to replicate across Akamai servers, so in the meantime they put the new content up locally, and once it was on all the Akamai servers changed their links to the Akamaized URL. For some reason though, it seemed that _all_ the links changed from Akamaized or not Akamaized and back and so on, and not just the new ones. It made for a rather ... odd situation.

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