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Re: Qwest Statement (was Re: information on 60 hudson / 140 west st ?)

  • From: Frank Coluccio
  • Date: Mon Sep 17 13:49:53 2001

As to be expected, there continues to be a certain amount [not too much, but 
enough to be disconcerting] of spin and coyness from some of the service 
providers, in general, despite the current circumstances demanding of full 
disclosure. For example, one of AT&T's spokespeople stated last week that there 
was no impact to AT&T's *Long Distance* Network. Nowhere in the same release, 
however, did they mention that their main NY City hub for AT&T/LNS (Local Network 
Services) was covered by rubble. 

Incidentally, our office in the South Street Seaport district and we are totally 
o.o.s. We just received power a little while ago from one of the many portable 
generators that were shipped in by ConEd. But we have no visible means of 
obtaining status for voice and data comms at this time, and of course, our 'Net 
services are linked via a West Street subscriber loops, which places us s.o.o.l. 

As an aside, I'm told that VZ has 'remote-ed,' through the use of fiber-remote 
nodes, some of their nxx switching entities to Pearl Street and Broad Street, in 
cases where users had dual-fed loop access in place as a part of their 
contingency plans for just this type of disaster. -FAC

[email protected] wrote:

> dan kelley writes:
> > right.  i think that info is form their site.  they
> > claim that they're working diligently to install new
> > lines to circumvent 140 west.  what i haven't heard
> > (and couldn't get them to say) is when they think
> > they'll have the first coulpe of OC-48s installed. 
> I'm not sure why Qwest is being so closed-mouth about
> the status of their network.  Qwest told Network World
> they had no damage to their network.
>    "Qwest Communications and WorldCom say their networks
>     were not affected by the attacks."
> I'd think it would be remarkable that any major carrier
> with service in New York City didn't experience some
> impact this week.