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Re: What Worked - What Didn't

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Mon Sep 17 13:20:13 2001

Sean Donelan wrote:

> As the New York Stock market re-opens, and some things are returning
> to normal, I'd like to look at how well the Internet performed last
> week.
> At the Oakland NANOG I'd like to give a presentation about what worked,
> and what didn't work during the last week in regards to the Internet.  I
> would like to gather what details I can from both small and large
> providers in New York, the rest of the USA, and even overseas about
> what they saw, what problems they experienced, and what things worked.
> You can send me private mail if you wish, with or without attribution.
> This is a personal effort, not assocated with my employer.
> Oakland NANOG is several weeks away, so I don't expect an immediate
> response.  I expect many ISPs will be conducting their own internal
> reviews.  But if you could, please consider responding.  I'm looking
> for input from small, medium and large providers. Thank you.
> A few questions, all related to the time between Sept 11 and 17:
>  1. Briefly tell me who you are, and generally where your operations
>     were located?
>  2. What worked?
>  3. What didn't work?
>  4. Did you activate your emergency response plan?
>  5. Were you required to do anything different operationally?  Did you
>     make preventive operational changes?
>  6. Were any infrastructure administration functions impaired, such
>     as DNS registration, routing registry, address delegation?
>  7. Were you able to communicate NOC-to-NOC when needed?
>  8. Were any means of communications nonfunctional or impaired (direct
>     dial telephone, toll-free telephone, pager, e-mail, fax) when you
>     attempted to communicate with other NOC's?
>  9. Did you ask for or receive a request for mutual aid from any other
>     providers?  Was it provided?
> 10. Within the limits of safety and rescue efforts, where you able to
>     gain access to your physical facilities?
> 11. Did hoaxes or rumors impact your operations?
> 12. Do you have any recommendations how Internet providers could have
>     responded differently?


   Multicasting worked. It handled a big traffic spike without a hiccup.

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