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Re: Emergency Alert System TEST - This is only a TEST

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Mon Sep 17 01:12:44 2001

Marshall Eubanks writes:
>   Do you know if they are interested in webcasters and
> other Internet news / entertainment services ?

I made some inquiries in 1998, and found the people I contacted
were emphatically *NOT* interested in using the Internet.  It is
hard to emphasis how much they were not interested.

I started developing a protocol for using the Internet to deliver
emergency alerts to people who were using their computer, but
weren't watching the television or listening to the radio.

Instead, every conversation seemed to turn into an inquisition
about how I knew what I knew about the existing system.  That
was about the time I stopped working on it.  The government
people got too weird for me.