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Re: Correction: 25 broadway and Abovenet equipment

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Sun Sep 16 23:02:21 2001

What is interesting to note is the varying degrees of successfulness
people are having in getting below Canal St.

I've talked to many who couldn't even walk down there; however, on Friday,
myself and a collegue, in a marked chevy suburban with commercial plates
and a blinking amber light were simply flagged through the barricades; we
drove all the way down mulberry and parked on whitehall st., about one
block south of the 'bull' (where broadway and whitehall split, which is
essentially where 25 bway is). We were then escorted by two armed national
guardsmen to the building, which is only about 4 blocks from 'ground

On 16 Sep 2001, Sean Donelan wrote:

> I'm not a customer of Telehouse, so I don't receive their customer
> notification bulletins directly.  I rely on other peopel to pass
> along the information.
> Several folks have forwarded Telehouse updates to me, the ConEd generator
> was refueled yesterday and has been running since then.  Work continues
> to fix the original generator.
> My error was due to my misunderstanding a note from Abovenet.  Abovenet
> is just referring to their own equipment housed in Telehouse, which is
> still down.  Once again the rest of 25 Broadway came back up yesterday.

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