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Re: More history (on meaning of Pearl Harbor) [OT]

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Sun Sep 16 22:42:53 2001

>> >Question 1: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and 
>> >fill him with a terrible resolve." Who said that and in what circumstance? 
>> >(Difficulty 6).
>> >Answer 1: Japanese Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, commenting on the aftermath 
>> >of the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941). Probably no truer words were ever 
>> >spoken. The sneak attack that decimated the Pacific Fleet also unified the 
>> >American people like no other single event in its history. From that point 
>> >forward, the fascist powers were doomed.
>> >Source: Pearl Harbor, a Life Magazine Collector's Edition
>If whoever bothered to invent that pseudo-quotation bothered to learn
>hitory of WWII, he'd know that most military action had seen no American
>involvement at all.  The widely regarded as the turning point of WWII was
>Stalingrad battle, after which Red Army began the advancement on all

if we restrict that particular comment made by a japanese admiral,
regarding the attack on on pearl harbor and the effect it had on the
us/japan portion of ww2, to the theater in which it applies (the
us/japan portion of ww2), then it's not really a pseudo-quotation.

i doubt very much that the japanese admiral was thinking that now that
the us had become interested in participating in ww2, the us would end
the war.  i imagine he was just considering the effects the us would
have on japan.

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