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Re: Now:Power/Generators (Was: Re[2]: telehouse - 25 broadway)

  • From: Robert Boyle
  • Date: Sun Sep 16 20:32:04 2001

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Subject: Re: Now:Power/Generators (Was: Re[2]: telehouse - 25 
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 16:02:14 -0700

>[ staying from nanog to power-generation again... :-) ]

>many Diesel gensets can be "converted" to operate on LPG/Natural Gas 
>they typically end up with a higher operating temperature (but not 
>significantly so), and may need some upgrades to some of the 
>equipment (fuel pump, cooling system / heat-exchangers / radiators), 
>well as some relatively minor mods to the engine itself.  you also 
>need a 
>Governor that knows that its using LPG/NG rather than Diesel - the 
>characteristics of how the engine behaves/responds are quite 

Also, LPG/NG converted diesel engines are de-rated 400kW diesel may
become 280kW LPG/NG. 

>on the topic of Oil Filters, one of the things that can be done to 
>"clean" the oil in a Diesel genset is to add a Centrifugal Pump to 
>the solids from the oil.  this makes it possible to extend the 
>periods (at least for Oil Filter changes) of Diesel gensets as well 
>improve the lifetime of the oil itself.
>(Diesel gensets are fairly oil-hungry.  that is normal).

I also install an additional bypass oil filter which filters much
smaller particles than the standard full-flow filter. This can also
extend the maintenance interval and engine life. Using a filter
extension plate and a remote filter mounting kit allows for faster
and cleaner oil filter changes. Ensuring adequate genset cooling
through a properly sized radiator, pump, and plumbing will prevent
the oil from coking and will help keep its lubricating properties
much longer.

In our application, we are using diesel as a primary backup to the
grid and the Capstone LPG/NG turbine as supplemental/backup/long
runtime AC power. We have very reliable gas service, but diesel fuel
does go bad and I don't want to store more than 24-48 hours of fuel
in the building.