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Re: An Idea

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Sat Sep 15 04:24:28 2001

God, I am an idiot. I then re-read this and noticed the parenthesised comment.
Aplologies to the original poster, but to some extent from the content of other
posting I have seen, my feelings still stand.

Peter Galbavy
Knowtion Ltd.
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Subject: Re: An Idea

> > 2) The transmitted data would be sent encrypted and only the
> > ciphertext would be recorded by the ground stations.  Encryption would
> > be done using symmetric ciphers.  The encryption key would be set
> > before every flight by a NTSB technician, and known only by the NTSB
> > (or the equivalent agency if the flight originates overseas).
> With the greatest of respect at this time, I still wish that US posters would
> consider the outside world. I find it difficult to believe, genuinely, that
> after what happened last week, people still have the mindset that US-based
> agencies somehow have worldwide authority and access. The NTSB is a US agency,
> and any scheme like this - which in my mind has great merit - would need the
> oversite of an international agency to work.
> Peter