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On Internet and social responsibility

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 23:42:28 2001

Found on a website hosted in US by a US service provider:

> Manpower resources of
> Muslims and powerful ideological stimulus of resistance, the
> control above the basic power resources of the world, the
> geographical position and an area of movement, finally will
> destroy USA. War will come in the house of each American.

> And it already will be the collapse of that America, which we
> know and which is realized by Americans. The first disturbing
> symptoms of arising enmity and split of America already is
> available. 

This is from the inverview with the spokesman of well-known terrorist
Shamil Basaev, known for personally taking hostage hundreds of patients in
a hospital, among other things (the spokesman is Movladi Udugov, the guy
who threatened to drop an airplane on Kremlin).

Hosted by XO Communications - do not bother them, i already alerted their

Guys, why should a North American provider give a place for this
propaganda?  Call FBI, have them trace the connections of whoever pays for
that site.

[If you decide to read the entire article - the "so-called peacemaker"
Boris Nemtsov mentioned there is a prominent pro-Western politican in
Russia, and (used to be, changed his mind after WTC attack) a leading
proponent of negotiations with Chechen militants.  A shining illustration
of what you get for trying to negotiate with terrorists.]

Please, if you host websites, take a closer look at what you are hosting;
you may help to find leads for the investigation.