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RE: front sight [OT]

  • From: Dennis Hartmann
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 21:23:57 2001

    I'm a bit ignorant in this respect, but wouldn't shooting a gun in an
airplane risk depressurizing the plane and/or shooting innocent people on
the flight?  This doesn't sound like much of a solution.  Maybe we can equip
pilots with chinese stars, nunchucks, and commando knives????????   Would
that work?  Does that sounds ridiculous?  I think so.

	Everyone is angry and wants to be protected, but do we want to become a
society where we need to carry our AK-47s to the grocery store to pick up
milk?  Great Britian police don't carry firearms...

	I don't know what the solution is, but guns in planes don't make me feel
safe (regardless of who's carrying them).


Dennis J. Hartmann

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I thought it interesting...

September 12, 2001

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Fax: 831.684.2137
e-mail: [email protected]


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA:  In the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack,
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, which claims to be the world
leader in providing intensified courses in the defensive use of
firearms for private citizens and law enforcement alike, feels they
have the answer to stopping commercial airliners from being used as
ballistic missiles.  Front Sight will train every commercial pilot in
the world FREE OF CHARGE in the defensive use of the handgun.  Front
Sight will accept for training all certified pilots and co-pilots from
all commercial airliners that submit a request for training on
commercial airliner letterhead, designating the pilot and co-pilot to
carry a handgun in the cockpit to defend access to the airliner. The
request for training letter must have the notarized signature of the
airline's chief executive.

Front Sight's Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza understands
that his offer may offend those who lack resolve in stopping terrorists
from turning airliners into weapons of mass destruction. However, he is
quick to point out that the World Trade Center attack is a new realm of
terror, not previously witnessed in the world. Prior to the World Trade
Center attack, terrorists were content to hijack planes and divert them
to safe landings in exchange for negotiated release of imprisoned
comrades. In extreme cases, terrorists have committed suicide by
exploding the grounded plane.  Airliners have also been targeted with
bombs and possibly missiles to spectacularly explode in flight, killing
all on board.  The World Trade Center attack was a new form of
terrorism, where the commercial airliner, loaded with fuel for a cross
country flight is redirected from the cockpit and turned into an
accurate missile of mass destruction.  Front Sight knows this form of
terrorism can be stopped immediately by arming all pilots and co-pilots
and training them in the proper methods of defending their cockpits.

"Commercial airliners must be willing to take an uncompromising stand
that will not allow anyone, under any circumstances to access the
controls of an airliner," says Piazza. "The pilot and co-pilot, are
responsible for the security of the cockpit.  Without a handgun to
defend it, the cockpit crew is easily defeated.  However, when both
pilot and co-pilot are armed and trained by Front Sight, they have the
tools, ability, and will to defend themselves and repel the murderous
intent of terrorists. In an emergency, the pilot can fly the plane to a
safe landing while the co-pilot covers the door of the cockpit- ready
and willing to use deadly force to prevent anyone from opening the

Dennis Vied, a retired TWA Captain with 28 years of experience flying
commercial airliners and Front Sight student fully agrees with Front
Sight's solution.  Captain Vied states, "The terrorists knew that they
would face no opposition to the hijacking, once they managed to get on
the airplane. All they had to do was threaten to do something to a
passenger, and they would be allowed access to the cockpit. If that
didn't work, then they just had to hurt somebody, which in this case
they did. Apparently they cut the throats of two of the flight
attendants. The terrorists knew they would face no armed opposition,
because the airline screening process would insure that nobody on the
airplane would be armed. We have such an abhorrence to guns that we
fail to allow the good people to arm themselves for defense. Therefore
they are at the mercy of bad people- in this case the terrorists. I
sincerely hope that this is a wakeup call to America. I think they
should arm the crews, or at least allow those that want to be armed to
do so.  Otherwise, you're at the mercy of some crazy son-of-a-bitch
armed with a box cutter! How absolutely absurd!  There is so much
emphasis on prevention, and precious little emphasis on the ultimate
lines of defense."

Aaron Benedetti, a United Airline 747 co-pilot since 1990 is a Platinum
member at Front Sight and has already attended Front Sight courses in
defensive handgun, tactical shotgun, and practical rifle. Through Front
Sight's training, Benedetti is ready, willing and able to defend the
cockpit of his aircraft if given the proper tools and authority to do
so.  Benedetti states, "We get recurrent training regarding hijacking
and security procedures, but the training centers around placating and
negotiating with the terrorists to safely land the plane. We are told
not to make any aggressive move and to work toward a calm outcome.  The
World Trade Center disaster is a real blind spot in our training. The
attack reveals that perhaps the only way the pilots could have stopped
it would have been to deny access to the cockpit and stop the
terrorists from taking over the controls of the plane by any means
possible.  In the future, we should consider that with the cockpit
doors locked and the co-pilot guarding the door with a handgun, calm
negotiations can still take place via intercom to land the plane safely
thus avoiding another World Trade Center scenario."  Aaron Benedetti
recommends all airlines to take advantage of Front Sight's solution and
offer.  He returns to Front Sight later his year for further training
on his own.

Lieutenant Bob Redmond, SWAT Commander of Nye County Sheriff's
Department concurs that Front Sight's training is exactly what the
commercial airliners need and that they should immediately begin
sending their pilots to Front Sight. Redmond, who sends his SWAT
officers to Front Sight for firearms and tactical training states,
"Front Sight's training exceeds levels offered by most if not all law
enforcement agencies throughout the country.  Front Sight's training is
so good that I want every officer we have in the department to attend
every course Front Sight offers. If airlines sent their pilots to Front
Sight, it would be like having SWAT officers in the sky."

Mark Donovan, a pilot for Southwest Airlines, who has taken over ten
Front Sight courses in the last two years finds the current situation
of unarmed pilots rather incredulous.  Donavan explains, "The political
climate in commercial aviation prior to the World Trade Center attack
has not been conducive to arming pilots.  In fact, just the opposite
has occurred.  Airlines have disarmed pilots to the point where a
terrorist with a box cutter can take over control of a plane because no
one is armed to defend the plane or themselves.  Yet, numerous federal
agencies are allowed to carry a gun on commercial airlines, including
such dubiously qualified agencies as, Bureau of Engraving and Printing,
Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, and the Smithsonian
Institution!  Why are federal agents from these obscure agencies
allowed to carry a gun on board when a pilot with firearms training
from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is not allowed? My
training at Front Sight far exceeds anything the federal government
offers to these agencies."  Donovan continues, "If we, as pilots are
not given the means and authority to defend our aircraft as a last
means of defense, then who will?  It is apparent that time was not
available to negotiate with the madmen in the World Trade Center
attack.  Clearly, a properly trained flight crew with a handgun could
have saved countless lives.  Front Sight offers this training. I urge
all federal decision  makers to seriously examine Front Sight's
solution to the problem.  I believe it is the only credible answer to
stopping another horrendous tragedy."

Front Sight is the Solution to Gun Violence

Piazza reiterates, "Front Sight is truly part of the solution to gun
violence in this country.  Everyone agrees that law enforcement should
have the very best training available.  Front Sight provides it.  And
everyone agrees, regardless of what side of gun control one stands,
that if law abiding private citizens are going to own firearms they
should be trained.  Front Sight provides such training to levels that
exceeds the law enforcement community.  Front Sight now offers the
solution to stopping and forever preventing another World Trade Center
attack by training commercial airline pilots to be that last line of
defense for their passengers, airline, and our country.  Front Sight
stands ready, willing, and able to serve."

Dr. Ignatius Piazza                       1.800.987.7719
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Captain Dennis Vied, retired TWA Pilot      925.455.0133
Aaron Benedetti, United Airlines Co-Pilot   925.454.5214
Lt.Bob Redmond, Nye County SWAT Commander   775.751.7002
Mark Donovan, SouthWest Pilot               702.270.3912

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