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Re: slowing down every 60 seconds due to BGP scaner

  • From: Rafi Sadowsky
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 20:48:45 2001

On 14 Sep 2001, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

> Marshall Eubanks <[email protected]> writes:
> > I said nothing about pings. The router is freezing (or at least
> > slowing a lot) every 67.5 +- 3 seconds. We this for both inbound and
> > outbound - outbound things are buffered but inbound they seem to be
> > lost.
> >
> > A Cisco 7204 running Version 12.2(2)T1
> What kind of NPE, how much memory, how many BGP views, what
> interfaces,

 That + what else running on the router vesides BGP, is it a 7204VXR?
maybe just copy the output of "show hardware"

>     and is there a particular reason that you're running 12.2?
>                                         ---rob

  It's actually 12.2 "T" series and 12.2(2)T was the first FCS - not
exactly a good idea for a production ..
( see <,8>
 for "Cisco IOS 12.2 and 12.2T Release Numbering Changes"

Do you need IPv6 with "official" support ? why the "T" series ?

 If you really _must_ use 12.2T  are you having problems with BGP next hop?
then try checking bug _CSCdu74704_ - supposedly fixed in IOS 12.2(2)T02

 A Cisco 7200 or 7500 series router that is running Cisco IOS Release
12.2(2)T may experience high CPU utilization for a "BGP Router" process if
the router is configured for eBGP peering and the next hop becomes
unreachable (for example, when an interface to an external peer is shut
down). High CPU utilization occurs only if the router must send a large
number of withdrawn routes to other peers because the next hop is
unreachable. There is no workaround.