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RE: slowing down every 60 seconds due to BGP scaner

  • From: Dennis Hartmann
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 18:45:33 2001

    Cisco said this is normal?  Normal default operation maybe.  The default
BGP scan time is 60 seconds.  This can be modified with the "bgp scan time
N" command.

	That's not a production router, is it?  (T) code is test code.  That's the
first code with IPv6 and MPLS Label Distribution Protocol support.  Not the
type of stuff you'd want to be running on your backbone (unless you needed
some functionality that it introduced).


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Marshall Eubanks <[email protected]> writes:

> I said nothing about pings. The router is freezing (or at least
> slowing a lot) every 67.5 +- 3 seconds. We this for both inbound and
> outbound - outbound things are buffered but inbound they seem to be
> lost.
> A Cisco 7204 running Version 12.2(2)T1

What kind of NPE, how much memory, how many BGP views, what
interfaces, and is there a particular reason that you're running 12.2?

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