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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 16:53:01 2001

> There are many reasons that the Muslims hate the US.

s/muslims/most of the world/

we are the most hated country in the world.  as you say, there are many
reasons.  but, whatever they may be, if we bomb all of the planet that
hates us, there won't be enough left for us or anyone else to survive.

be pragmatic.  all these frustrating emotions of fear and hate (and hate
is often the consequence of fear) should not lead us into precipitous
actions which have no long-run win.  all the braggadocio can not obscure
our lack of success fighting determined guerrillas and terrorists.  it's
not an easy problem.  if it was, the world would be a much more peaceful
place already.

resist the cycle of violence and hate, if not for morality, then because
it is just plain not pragmatic.  we do have norms for justice, prudence,
and process.  if we do not follow them, then we have become the enemy
and the terrorists have won.