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Anyone use Cisco Policy Routing?

  • From: Stephen J. Wilcox
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 13:36:25 2001

 I'm trying to setup a platform that will send different types of packets
over different routes, theres a good example of what I'm doing at

under 'Directing Traffic Flows with Policy Routing'

Basically, it doesnt work, I'm on IOS 12.0(3) and not sure if its a bug or
just me.

I'm using policy routing and route-maps to identify certain types of
traffic by tcp port number using extended access-lists and then change the

Whats happening is that it works okay until the above access-list makes a
match, after that all packets to that IP address regardless of port number
get sent via the modified next hop.

I'm wondering if I've got
a) an IOS bug

or if

b) I need to turn off some kind of route caching/cef that works at layer 3
altho I've disabled everything I could think of on the interface

Any thoughts?


Stephen J. Wilcox
IP Services Manager, Opal Telecom
Tel: 0161 222 2000
Fax: 0161 222 2008