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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: David Klindt
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 11:28:23 2001

> so, if we did not learn enough following the french into indochina, we
> can learn more by following the russians into afghanastan?  this does
> not seem like a sucess path to me.

> the successful part of our culture is about tolerance and learning to
> live with folk different than we (for many values of 'we' and
> 'different').

Randy, I truly doubt you understand the idea of war and protection of our
citizens.  The USA is not going to retaliate... It is answering a call of
war - one that has been ongoing for many years.  Unlike the Russians going
into Afghanistan, our even the US going into South Viet Nam (or the French
in your example), we have the skill to go up to the street bully, knock
him out, knock the dust off our hands and walk away. It is not like it
needs to be 20,000 troops driving into that country.

Standing back and hoping it will go away because we want to be "peaceful"
has NOT proven to work over the last ten years.

> resist the cycle of violence and hate.

I agree. But this action doesn't need to be attached the words violence
and hate.  It is better attributed to, enough is enough, and knock the
bully out.  Truly, that simple.

Best regards to you Randy,