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RE: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Borchers, Mark
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 10:23:42 2001

I certainly agree that our country has an obligation to the
victims and to the cause of justice to take some sort of action.
However, I hope that in the event that more innocent lives are
lost in the course of our response, that Americans will not
revel and celebrate the way that we saw some Middle Easterners
doing.  I do not think the people we saw dancing in the streets
on the news were typical Arab citizens.  The typical observant
Muslim is a monotheist with a high sense of ethics and considers
terrorists to be.....terrorists.  The better classes of Muslims
are remarkably similar to the better classes of Americans.  
Unfortunately, we too have our share of bums who will be cheering
on their barstools and consider it to be entertainment should
the conflict spill over to impact the terrorists
very likely hope that it does.

Ralph Los wrote:
> Ladies and gentlemen, I've been lurking around reading all 
> these 'love the
> planet' emails, and I have to agree...killing is surely not 
> the answer - but
> if you gave me an unlimited supply of rockets, and a lot of 
> killing power,
> I'd point it at Afganistan and say....'Kill 'em all, let God 
> sort 'em out
> later".......just my two cents...I had a friend who left his 
> wife a message
> seconds before he died up there in south tower..."Honey, I'm 
> on the 92nd
> floor and am not going to make it back to your arms alive - 
> remember I will
> always love you" -then the line went dead....those words ring 
> through my
> head over and over and over - I could have been there, so could you.
> 	True, there is no taking back what happened, but if GW 
> issued an act
> of war, and did some re-arranging of the middle-east and the like, and
> places like Afganistan, Iraq, and the Palestinian militant states
> DISAPPEARED forever - no one, especially this blue-blooded 
> American would
> shed a tear...and I as one...would see all the 
> psycho-terrorists to hell.
> Otherwise known as,
>   Dr. Blackfelt