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Re: Internet assessment - September 13 2001

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 10:17:25 2001

On Fri, 14 September 2001, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 01:10:55AM -0700, Sean Donelan wrote:
> > The Internet routed around much of the failure, but there seem to be
> > only a few individual networks which are unreachable.  The generator
> I know that MFN/AboveNet is quite willing to provide temporary
> peering/transit services in the US and Europe for networks affected
> by this action.  I suspect most other providers are offering similar
> help.  I would hope that the Internet community could get these
> networks back online in fairly short order to help keep communications
> flowing.  For those networks completely offline, can those with
> phone contacts pass this message along to them via voice lines?

I don't have a breakout of individual networks, so I can't give you
contact information for the networks offline.  I've just been following
total networks, ASNs, etc.  In particular Geoff's great graphs

It appears a few hundred route announcements disappeared from the total
of 104,400 routes.  In other words, less that 1% of the routes.

Telstra may be located on the other side of the globe, but I'll take
data where I can find it.

I can't tell how many are single-homed networks and servers located in
directly impacted area of New York, and how much is due to a combination
of failures in the area affecting both the primary, backup or alternate