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ticketing summary & OT plea - Crypto

  • From: Timothy Brown
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 08:24:52 2001

Hi folks,

Didn't receive that many responses on ticketing systems.  Most people
really disliked GNATS, few had used Jitterbug, and many had good
experience with Request Tracker.  I got the impression from the lack
of response that most people's systems were custom-written.  Request
Tracker appears to have by far the most potential, from a going-forward
perspective.  Some people did say Remedy, and i'll be calling them
today and adding an addendum to the summary for those users who care.

I have an offtopic plea completely unrelated to the above item, though.
Wired is reporting @,1283,46816,00.html
that Judd Gregg, a Republican Senator from NH, called yesterday for a
global prohibition on encryption products without backdoors for
government surveillance.  I'd like to urge the netops community,
whom I have no other method to communicate to, to send some correspondence
to your congresscritters on the issue.  I'd like that correspondence
to say that the idea of having backdoors in crypto is bad, but I know
that some of you might disagree.

As a side note, can anyone who has submitted correspondence to congress
folks drop me a private line?  I had a couple of questions.