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Re: telehouse - 25 broadway

  • From: Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 22:36:39 2001

>>Power was restored to our equipment at 02:28 (UK)
>...and lost again at 02:45 (UK).
>Perhaps I'll keep quiet next time.


   I do not seem to have any multicast connectivity to
the BBC since the IETF. Did you take mbgp down ? We have not
had multicast connectivity to Dante since 24 bway went down, 
and I thought that is why we lost the BBC, but this predates this
by a good margin.

   We found that only multicast functioned well during the tremendous load experienced
on Tuesday. Do you have any multicast
news feeds up ? I was deluged with requests for
news after the general melt down on Tuesday, and would be
glad to publicize any multicast news feeds sourced from the
BBC. I do not think that this is going away in the near future.


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