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Re: assistance available

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 20:35:04 2001

>> Although we are just a little NOC in no-where... without the facilities
>> available of PAIX and Abovenet, we are fairly impromptu, geek friendly
>> and also willing to do whatever we can on short notice from Chattanooga. 
>> We have already setup a few DNS servers and mail forwards. 
>I'll second that offer of assistance. I'm not a backbone operator, I'm a
>virtual ISP and so cannot offer transit, but I will certainly be pleased
>to offer mail/web/DNS emergency services for whoever needs them.

me too!

i've got lots of skills, quite a lot of free time (i had no job before
this, but i was just starting to look for one), and i've also got four
small ciscos sitting around my house (doing next to nothing) that i
can loan out as well.

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