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RE: WTC: pilot puzzle

  • From: Leigh Anne Chisholm
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 20:30:25 2001

The second (CNN) article did say that Ameer was believed to have been killed
in a mid-air collision but the article became bizarre because it went on to
say that Ameer Bukhari and his brother were two of the pilots responsible
for the hijackings on Tuesday.   I've heard about faking your death, but
it's kind of difficult to fake your death when you collide mid-air with
another aircraft.

The second article has since been updated to say that Ameer's brother Adnan
is actually in FBI custody and is cooperating with FBI agents.  Neither
Bukhari brother (alive or dead) piloted the hijacked aircraft.  The article
says the mistake was made because their names were "tied to a car left at an
airport in Portland, Maine".  Adnan Bukhari's lawyer is saying that it
appears the brothers' identities were stolen and that Adnan had no role in
the hijackings.  There is an apology from CNN on that link.  The story
itself has been corrected, and an apology has been inserted into the text.

It was an interesting mystery while it lasted...

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>  >This was just mentioned on a CNN chatboard:
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>  >quote from the board: So Ameer Bukhari, student pilot, from Vero Beach,
>  >Florida was killed in a plane crash on 9-11-00 and Ameer
> Bukhari from Vero
>  >Beach, Florida hijacked a plane and crashed it into the
> WTC/Pentagon/rural
>  >area on 9-11-01? What is going on? The first link is to a cincinatti
>  >newspaper, scroll down and read about the plane crash. Check out the 2
>  >articles.
>  >
>  >
>  >
> The second article says:
> <quote>
> Ameer Bukhari is believed to have been killed in a light aircraft
> accident
> prior to Tuesday's attacks.
> </quote>
> Where is the contradiction?
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