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Re: 60 Hudson Update

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 16:14:57 2001

60 Hudson is safe and the power is on. There is no danger of it
collapsing although I think that has been said already. All the the
Verizon phone lines are out, but cellphone service is good in and around
FWIW we have a Verizon DS-3 60 Hudson to 25 Broadway which has
not flickered even once during the period. Ditto (extensive
touching of wood) EVERY European AS circuit in and out of
60 Hudson, 25 Broadway, and 111 8th avenue (not checked data
for US AS but no reason to believe any differently). We've
had some temperature warning issues though.

This is not by way of boasting, yah boo sucks, whatever,
just to show that just at this moment, 60 Hudson, 25 Broad
and 111 8th are doing pretty well, all things considered.

Alex Bligh
Senior Technology Officer, Europe
XO Communications -
(formerly Nextlink Inc, Concentric Network Corporation
GX Networks, Xara Networks)