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Re: WTC: pilot puzzle

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 12:04:41 2001

At 01:31 PM 9/13/2001 +0800, Mathias Körber wrote:
>This was just mentioned on a CNN chatboard:
>quote from the board: So Ameer Bukhari, student pilot, from Vero Beach,
>Florida was killed in a plane crash on 9-11-00 and Ameer Bukhari from Vero
>Beach, Florida hijacked a plane and crashed it into the WTC/Pentagon/rural
>area on 9-11-01? What is going on? The first link is to a cincinatti
>newspaper, scroll down and read about the plane crash. Check out the 2

The second article says:

Ameer Bukhari is believed to have been killed in a light aircraft accident prior to Tuesday's attacks.

Where is the contradiction?

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