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Re: Totally OT, sorry; was (Re: Lack of Security)

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 10:15:18 2001

Leo Bicknell wrote:
> The problem I have with all of the FAA action is that anyone with
> a valid rating can rent a plane, even planes this large if they
> have enough money.  I would guess the hijackers wanted a plane full
> of people for additional shock value, but obtaining an empty (but
> full of fuel) plane would be even easier for them, and almost no
> FAA security measures would stop them.  Additionally, on a private
> plane they could load on it explosive cargo without too much effort,
> adding even more punch to the process.

Buying a set of tickets is considerably cheaper than leasing the entire plane
just for yourself and paying for the fuel load.  Why bother loading
explosives, seems this did the job for them with a nearly fully fueled plane.

Get over the inconveniences.  They appear to have curbed terrorism effectively
in other parts of the world.