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Re: Military asking to ISPs to shut down equipment?

  • From: Seth M. Kusiak
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 09:57:22 2001

I just sent eveything that I was forwarded, I don't know anymore nor have I heard this from my provider. I find this hard to believe and I just wanted to see if someone knew something that I didn't.

kevin pop account writes:
Should this request not be via the telcos pre-empting the circuits ?
Also does the military not operate its own private network services
both voice/data ?
On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Seth M. Kusiak wrote:

Has anyone received a request like the one that was I forwarded below?

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We just received a call from our ISP that they were contacted by Quest Communications who is a major National ISP who in tern was contacted by the Military and were asked to shut down a lot of their equipment connecting clients to the Internet so that there would be more bandwidth. Other ISP supposedly received the same call.
Get ready for a big outage....
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