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Re: Totally OT, sorry; was (Re: Lack of Security)

  • From: Robert Hough
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 07:36:33 2001

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001, Joe Shaw wrote:
> So are you advocating a loss of freedom in the physical world for
> security?  I'm willing to accept certain measures to make the planes
> and airports more secure, sure.

No, I was talking about convenience.

> But I refuse to lose any freedoms provided by the Bill of Rights.  Of
> course, many believe that's outdated anyway.

Convenience and American Rights are two different things. I wish more
American people would learn the difference. I'm not saying that you
don't, as you were unsure as to what I was talking about.

However, I have to ask. How is improving and tightening security around
air ports, sea ports, and borders a infringing on your rights?

> And since my primary job these days is security, I can say insecure
> systems come from three primary causes; human error, human ignorance and
> human laziness.

Agreed 100% - and I don't claim to be perfect by any stretch of the
imagination. However, you have to start somewhere to get the ball in
motion. You have to get people used to the idea of having to take extra
steps in order to accomplish something. Again, I'm not saying your
rights should be revoked. I'm saying some of the conveniences we are
used to need to be made a little less convenient.

> Remember guys, while there's a lot of 0-day used by the underground, 
> most attacks are for known and correctable bugs.

Yes, just like the tragedy that occured on Tuesday. They used a well
known exploit in our system. Could we have stopped them with better
security? It doesn't matter - preventing from happening again, is what
matters to me.

Robert Hough ([email protected])