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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Hank Nussbacher
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 02:54:56 2001

At 18:36 12/09/01 -0700, [email protected] wrote:

OK, let me try this again...

  Money is only one leg of a multi legged stool that they sit on.
You need to cut off the leadership (and since power vacumes get filled
quickly, you need to fill the void with another power that is more
friendly to the rest of the world).  You need to change the ingrained
hate that the followers have towards the rest of the world.  That's just
the tip of the iceberg...
Indeed you are correct. One of the other legs on which international terror sits is media adulation. For example, Newsweek recently had an article called "The Making of a Martyr" (Aug 27). The Christian term martyr refers to someone who was killed at the hand of their enemy due to their religious beliefs. A suicide bomber takes his own life and those of his enemies. For those with a Christian background, don't you consider it an insult to your religion to have a suicide bomber called a martyr after Saint Stephen?
Rather than discuss victims, the article sort of analyzed and sort of glorified suicide bombers.

CNN is just as much to blame by "popularizing" terrorism. Over the past year we have seen articles about how brave are the shahidim. How their mothers weep upon hearing about their deaths. How proud their fathers are. What colorful funerals they have. The numerous victims, those dead as well as injured never feature followup articles by CNN, BBC, etc.

Terrorism is a multi-legged stool and money is just one of them.



Arman Khalili wrote:

> The best way to eradicate all terrorists is simply to drain their financial
> resources. This would have a global support and and no human life would be
> sacrificed. Imagine if Osama Ben ladin would wake up and find out that he
> has $0 left. He wouldn't be able to finance any of his efforts. This would
> expose him and all of his followers where they could be captured and brought
> to justice (chaining to a building and firing a rocket comes to mind).
> arman
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> > |> From: Vadim Antonov [mailto:[email protected]]
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> > |> The problem isn't terrorists - people with lunatic worldview
> > |> will always
> > |> exist, and there's no way to prevent that. The problem is
> > |> governments
> > |> which refuse to cooperate in eradicating them because they
> > |> futher their
> > |> goals while leaving their hands "clean". And may I to
> > |> remind the truism
> > |> that any government can govern only because it has support of a
> > |> significant part of (maybe, brainwashed) population?
> > |>
> > |> As for civil liberties - reality check time.
> >
> > |> Those are people who _believe_ that Western civilization is
> > |> evil and has
> > |> to be destroyed by any means, including suicide. Those
> > |> aren't isolated
> > |> "crazies". Their mothers and neighbours are proud of what
> > |> they did, and this is scary.
> >
> > Does anyone remember all those hijacking of the mid'70's? Does anyone
> > realize why they stopped? Terrorist groups are like weeds. They grow over
> > time. One has to regulary whack the weeds. We no longer have the weed
> > whackers.
> >