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Re: Lack of Security

  • From: Matthew S. Hallacy
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 02:44:51 2001

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 12:45:29PM +0800, Mathias Körber wrote:
> | I have a feeling this one isn't going to stick. Most airports weren't
> | designed for this. I pick people up from O'Hare at least a few times a
> | month. Other than the baggage claim (which is nearly packed during busy
> | times) where can you meet someone? I'd venture to say at least 25% of the
> | people hanging out in the gate areas are there to pick people up. 
> Most international airports have separated the baggage claim from the 
> publicly accessible terminal halls. Changi  by glass walls, others
> (Frankfurt) by steel doors etc. There is no need for the public
> to be in those places!

Unfortunately in places such as MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul International) 
you enter the building, the ticket windows are the first thing you see, and
everything else is beyond the metal detectors, (Food, Drink, Gift shops, and
the restrooms iirc) the only airport I can recall that is setup properly
for the new regulations would be Kansas City where they have metal detectors
and x-ray machines at _every gate_ enclosed with glass partitions.

> | Adding to the fact that after this alot of people are *really* 
> | nervous about
> | flying, and having a friendly face there at the gate for them is 
> | important.
> | In addition, this requires you to coordinate *where* you're going to meet
> | someone, rather than just being able to be at the gate they're 
> | arriving at.
> It works internationally, so why not in the US?

Because our airports have been built, and rebuilt without this in mind, as it is
now you basicly walk in the front door, hit the metal detectors, then you're in the 

					Matthew S. Hallacy