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Re: Don't blame Intelligence or Security Agencies.....

  • From: clarke
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 01:46:39 2001

Stopping terrorism of this nature is impossible. In the free society that we
live in, and I emphasize the work FREE, it's impossible to stop these kind
of attacks.
Those who blame the government intelligence agencies should not have any
problem when  their FREE rights and privacy are taken away from them in the
near future.

Security at what cost? Our freedom and privacy?

~ Clarke ~

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> On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, clarke wrote:
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> > The intelligence agencies in the United States are the best in the
> >
> > Get your shit straight!
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> > ~ Clarke ~
> If our 'best' had no hint that what happened yesterday was going to occur,
> then perhaps the statement above is wrong. (Either way(if they knew, or
> expect changes, and more money for them.)