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Re: Rumor Control, Indeed (was: Re: Rumor Control: Re: 60 hudsonmay collapse..

  • From: Charles Sprickman
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 01:27:32 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Frank Coluccio wrote:

> What I am still not clear on is the state of 140 West Street, which
> was once the HQ building for NY Telephone (now Veirzon), which remains
> standing and operational, from all indications. The Centrex that was
> once on the 12 floor in the South Tower was supported by the West
> Street CO. 140 West withstood the same impact that befell 7 WTC, one
> would think. It's on the corner of West Street and Veesey, separated
> from what was 7 WTC by a narrow alley. If anyone knows the operational
> status of 140 West, please post.

I called in a stack of trouble tickets a while ago.  One upside is that VZ
is routing calls out of the horrid NYC call center and out to Albany,
Pittsburgh, and LI.  Very, very friendly and helpful people taking down
trouble tickets.

All the circuits I called in, while homed out of the Broad Street CO, were
routed through the West St CO.  The gentleman I spoke with said the
building had structural damage, no power, and that some of the breeches to
the structure opened up into equipment rooms.  To repair the circuits, he
said they will be re-engineered.  The folks that do that were apparently
housed in the WTC.  There was no ETR on any of the lines.


> --FAC
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> > On Wed, 12 September 2001, Rich Fulton wrote:
> > > we are hearing that 60 hudson has been evacuated and may collapse.
> > >
> > > can anyone give confirmation/details?
> >
> > No one is answering the phones at 60 Hudson, but there is a bomb
> > threat at the Empire State Building and police are evacuating the
> > surrounding area.
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> >
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