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RE: Lack of Security

  • From: Mathias Körber
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 00:51:40 2001

| You can't get into a cab in NYC that doesn't have a shield that 
| protects the
| cabbie from the passengers.  Why on earth is the cabin even 
| accessible from
| the passenger compartment?  Could planes not be constructed to isolate the
| cabin entirely from the passengers?  You could certainly provide limited
| seating for pilots that were flying along forward of this partition.
| Is there any good reason for the amount of trust which is required in the
| present model?

I think not, and hope that Boeing and Airbus (and other manufacturers) will
start redesigning their planes with an option of a completely separate flight-deck
etc. There will likely be severe drawbacks to this though:
	- no medical attention possible to pilots if one suffers a sickness and
		a doctor happens to be on board
	- no possibility of a steward(ess) of passenger taking over in case
		the flight-crew gets disabled.