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Re: Lack of Security

  • From: Kevin Day
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 00:42:01 2001

> At 09:42 PM 9/12/2001, Robert Hough wrote:
> >The security we display in most aspects of our society echo the same
> >security we display in most of our networks as well.
> >
> >Now ask yourself, why was it so easy to hijack these planes? Because we
> >have sacrificed security for convenience - and our enemy used that
> >against us. Well, something to chew on. G'Night.
> Can someone explain to me how only allowing ticketed passengers past 
> security checkpoints is going to accomplish anything toward increased 
> security?  The only thing I can even dream of is that it will reduce the 
> number of people passing the checkpoints.

I have a feeling this one isn't going to stick. Most airports weren't
designed for this. I pick people up from O'Hare at least a few times a
month. Other than the baggage claim (which is nearly packed during busy
times) where can you meet someone? I'd venture to say at least 25% of the
people hanging out in the gate areas are there to pick people up. Where are
these people going to go? If I remember correctly each of the baggage claim
levels at O'hare has one set of bathrooms, and at most one place to buy a
drink at. There's almost nowhere to sit. The monitors aren't showing info
about flights except those that have landed. People who normally wouldn't
have to go to the baggage claim at all (no bags checked) are going to have
to go there to meet people, adding to the crowding even more. There's just
nowhere else to do this.

Adding to the fact that after this alot of people are *really* nervous about
flying, and having a friendly face there at the gate for them is important.
In addition, this requires you to coordinate *where* you're going to meet
someone, rather than just being able to be at the gate they're arriving at.

I realize the significance of making changes in the wake of this, however
this one is (in my opinion) really unacceptable. I sent a letter off to the
director of the FAA today expressing similar thoughts. If you feel the same
way, you may wish to as well. I know I'm probably not very popular right
now, to be complaining about "added security", but the very weak additional
security this may provide is already outweighed by much much bigger
weaknesses elsewhere. If the problem is wanting more time spent at the
checkpoints, I've *never* seen all the checkpoints open at a time, on any of
the terminals. Opening more up couldn't hurt.

I know this is really getting non-operational, but keep this in mind if any
of you are getting called to meet&greet people at the airport over the next
few weeks. I spent a good amount of time today dealing with this very
problem with some travellers coming here over the coming weeks.

-- Kevin