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Rumor Control, Indeed (was: Re: Rumor Control: Re: 60 hudson may collapse..

  • From: Frank Coluccio
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 00:31:13 2001

Sean, All, agreed, we have to hold down the rumors. If someone posts a "I heard 
so and so," the least you should do is cite the source.

re: The 60 Hudson location, 

Like 140 West Street (adjacent to where 7 WTC once stood), 60H is a brick shit 
house. It's blocks away from Ground Zero, it has not been hit by significant 
debris (read as: everything within a half-mile radius has had some form of ash or 
other office artifacts dropped on it), but 60 H it isn't going anywhere from a 
structural standpoint. Power and spare parts? That's another story. 

A number of carrier and other SP tenants at 60 Hudson, btw, have their own 
generation and vent systems installed in this building, and their individual 
preparedness for this sort of contingency is on a case by case basis. Smaller SPs 
who have rented racks or shelves are at the mercy of those who they have rented 
space and power from.

As relates to the Empire State Building:

NY Police sniffers, as well as ESB bomb dogs, have already disproved the Empire 
State affair as a hoax, and folks are now able to roam freely there, once again. 
We are going to see a lot more of this. My niece, who works in the Brooklyn 
District Attorney's office, was sent home today due to a bomb scare outside the 
State Supreme Court building. It, too, was a hoax. 

What I am still not clear on is the state of 140 West Street, which was once the 
HQ building for NY Telephone (now Veirzon), which remains standing and 
operational, from all indications. The Centrex that was once on the 12 floor in 
the South Tower was supported by the West Street CO. 140 West withstood the same 
impact that befell 7 WTC, one would think. It's on the corner of West Street and 
Veesey, separated from what was 7 WTC by a narrow alley. If anyone knows the 
operational status of 140 West, please post. 


> On Wed, 12 September 2001, Rich Fulton wrote:
> > we are hearing that 60 hudson has been evacuated and may collapse.
> > 
> > can anyone give confirmation/details?
> No one is answering the phones at 60 Hudson, but there is a bomb
> threat at the Empire State Building and police are evacuating the
> surrounding area.