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Re: Lack of Security

  • From: Stephen Miller
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 00:17:53 2001

On Wednesday 12 September 2001 09:22 pm, Dave Stewart wrote:

> My point is that the hijackers were ticketed passengers.  Short of strip
> search, it's entirely possible that the weapons they had would not have
> been discovered.   Unless we're going to do at least  a pat-down of all
> passengers.

If the weapons would have been discovered will be something fo a later debate 
if we ever find the weapons (knives - plastic or metal).

> In short, from what I've seen, the "security" measures now being put in
> place would have done little or nothing to avert yesterday's attacks.

Not so much the security measures of yesterday (since they are very much in 
the past now) but the fact that the US has a relaxed security infrastructure 
at the airports, borders, etc...probably gave the terrorists a sense that 
they could get through airport security undetected....I doubt they would have 
tried the same tactics on an LL or European airline.

> As has been pointed out earlier - enter the country legally, do everything
> exactly as authorities ask.  Then take whatever action you want once the
> flight is in the air.
> The air marshall program is a good idea - I worry a little that a group of
> determined people could overpower him/her and end up in possession of their
> weapon.

Bottom line is that airport security as well other public transportation and 
public establishments must have better's time for us to join 
the paranoia the rest of the world has...not a good thing but unfortunately 
it is necessary.