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Re: 60 hudson may collapse..

  • From: measl
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 00:06:29 2001

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Majdi S. Abbas wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 09:37:27PM -0400, Rich Fulton wrote:
> > we are hearing that 60 hudson has been evacuated and may collapse.
> > 
> > can anyone give confirmation/details?
> 	It's about a 10 minute, several block walk from the WTC to 
> 60 Hud.  According to the mapping services it's over half a mile 
> away.

Note: 1/2 mile==10 blocks in NYCM, although this is a difficult metric to
apply accurately in the financial district (where many of the streets
predate the "grid system" of blocks known uptown.

> I find the liklihood of large debris falling that far away
> fairly low.  

According to, very heavy debris surrounds the WTC for a distance
of more than 10 blocks [closely paraphrased, as I don't feel like
searching for the precise cite right now].  Also according to cnn, the
collapse of each of the towers generated a [mild] 2.0 Richter Scale event.

Knowing the area well, as I do, I also doubt that even heavy debris would
be sufficient at that distance to harm 60H all by itself. a 2.0 even is
pretty mild, but NYCM is generally not what you would call
earthquake-aware either - I doubt 60H was built to any earthquake spec.

>   	"Although access to 60 Hudson Street is prohibited at this
> time, contrary to previous reports, we have confirmed that this
> facility is currently structurally stable."

I can believe this, no problem.  Personally, I would be *much* more
worried about the ventilation systems right now...

>   	--msa

J.A. Terranson
[email protected]

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