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Number to call to volunteer

  • From: Scotty Allen
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 20:26:55 2001

According to which is the NY state emergency
management center, the number to volunteer your time for the cause is
800-801-8092.  They'll put you in a  database with your name and phone
number and expertise, which is available to the command posts.   They
particularlly want firemen and medical people, but they seem receptive to

I have called and declared my time available for as long as needed, wherever
it is needed.  I was planning a travel abroad, and thus have no obligations
locally, and sufficient funds to sustain my self.  Thus, I also volunteer
myself to the nanog community, being skilled in systems (NT & linux & x86)
and LAN/WAN.  About all I need is a place to sleep, wherever you need me.
(I'm in Boulder, CO, currently)

Being a recent resident of NYC, my heart goes out to everyone there.  I long
to do something constructive, to help heal our community and society.

Scotty Allen
[email protected]