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Re: NYC update, etc

  • From: Chris Parker
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 18:57:54 2001

At 05:24 PM 9/12/2001 -0400, Adam Rothschild wrote:

- Reports indicate that there were power/HVAC issues at 32 Old Slip,
  NYC, now resolved.  Multiple dialup providers are reporting that all
  their PRI's are down.
power/HVAC issues appear to be continuing, though things are operational at
this time.  Temp appears to be rising again slightly on our monitoring.
Power issue is still unclear, but things have been up for >12 hours now.

PRI were down due to ILEC trunks being down?  Some connectivity has been
restored as we are seeing users online at this pop at this time, though
we've been told that only limited areas are back in service.  First login
was around 11:00 EST this morning after being down most of last night.

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