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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: Mally Mclane
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 17:46:04 2001

> Not correct. If this is e-ticket you never get it. You get a boarding pass
> only when you want to board the plane. That is when you show your ID. Also,
> they do not really check the validity of ID. Bouncers check the IDs are the
> bars better than airlines. They do not even pay attention to the dates the
> ID expires.

I know it's Europe, which is extremely different to the USA, although with
our Schengen agreement, it's starting to become like the States, but I
flew to Sweden via Denmark from Amsterdam at the weekend and on the
outbound flight and in the inbound flight, I never had ID checked once.

The first time was where I just put my amex into a machine, got my
boarding pass and walked onto the plane, the 2nd I jsut gave my booking
number, got my boarding pass and again onto the plane...

I hope they are a little more stringent now, indeed Amsterdam Schiphol is
refusing to carry unaccompanied bags.