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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 07:52:23 2001

The UK is receiving some odd 'censored' stuff. My friend, from Israel, read on a
Israeli news web site about the third building collapse (building 7 / Salomons
?) about 4 hours before they mentioned it here in the UK. Maybe that was a wrong
and/or coincidental report earlier, but it makes me wonder, and make me thankful
for the Internet in a way.

For those of us over the pond, sympathies for all those involved, and thanks to
folks on NANOG for keeping the operational information flowing. I expect that we
will hear about diesel failures here just before half of the European
connectivity fails from lower Manhattan...

Peter Galbavy
Knowtion Ltd.
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> ITV is showing some pretty good coverage in the UK.  First plane strike,
> second plane strike from several angles, I'm not sure there's video coverage
> of the Pentagon collision.
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> > It takes quite a bit more than you would expect.  Something that you
> > neglect to remember is that the plane that struck the Pentagon was
> > initially headed directly towards the Whitehouse, then executed a
> > high-speed, high-bank turn around DC, lined up on the Pentagon and managed
> > to nose into it at mid-level.
> I hadn't seen *any* footage at that point - I am in the UK and my normal
> working day doesn't include TV sets (and of course streaming video reached
> saturation and vanished long before we even knew anything was happening over
> here) - and come to think of it, I *still* haven't seen any footage of the
> pentagon attack. UK coverage seems limited to the second plane strike,
> collapse, talking heads, rinse & repeat.....