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RE: Scans and Probes Increasing?

  • From: Eric Germann
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 07:08:17 2001

Same  thing here, 15 fold increase this morning (by the IDS), and we're an
even smaller network.  Also seeing a lot more Sircam email. Don't know if
its a social issue (more stupid users are leaving their PC's on) or
engineered in.  Going to be another fun day ...

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> Subject: Scans and Probes Increasing?
>  Ok, we run a small network, but since this morning, the amount of
> non-port-80 (CodeRed and Ilk) scans and probes and smurf attempts
> have gone through the roof... no-holds barred scanning (not subtle
> probing) from Tiawan, India and US (Cable/DSL mostly) IP's.
>  Are other seeing it as well?  --mike--
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