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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: measl
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 02:05:49 2001

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, David Howe wrote:

> WTC....... I would imagine it would all be on the yoke too, no throttles
> or concerns about airspeed given you are not really going to care that
> much what speed or acceleration you have on impact...
> > which in turn means that they needed to know *in advance* which kinds
> > of planes they would be hijacking. While a lot of the pilot training
> > could be done using Flight  Simulator, you still need to know what to
> > train for.

Your assumptions share a common fault: most commercial rated aircraft hava
standardized set of instruments.  You can fly one, you can fly any of
em.  Poorly maybe, but we're not discussing that here.

> ... or train for the two/three more common types, then pick a flight *on
> the day* that actually is flying that type of plane. book seats at the
> last minute (not a problem for domestic flights) or pre-book three or
> four different seats per attacker, and each picks a flight with the
> right sort of plane from the "pool" of available flights.
J.A. Terranson
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If Governments really want us to behave like civilized human beings, they
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Ruling by force, rather than consensus; the unrestrained application of
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elected; the intentional abuse and occassionally destruction of entire
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