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over the course of the day

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 01:34:13 2001

we've been compiling as many WTC pics as we can.. Lots of places we got
them from were getting killed, so we mirrored them for faster access.

We, in Parsippany, NJ (about 30 miles due west of WTC) were able to see
the smoke plums from our roof:

Some operation content: We've lost 32 Old Slip; 25 B'way is running on
generator, and they say they have at least 50 - 70 hours of fuel left.
*all* circuits we have from 25 B'way to 111 8th, 60 Hudson, and many other
buildings are still up. Many circuits which pass on MFN fiber are still
OK. 32 Old Slip appears to be power related. So much for generators.

Distance of 25 B'Way to 2 WTC:

According to Mapquest, 700 meters by road.

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