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Re: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

  • From: Petr Swedock
  • Date: Wed Sep 12 00:59:48 2001

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 : >Also, it's worth remembering that airplanes aren't all that easy to
 : > fly. This means that the perpetrators needed to find five adequate
 : > pilots,

 : Hmm. not actually sure about this - not having ever flown anything at
 : all, but how much skill exactly does it take to keep something already
 : pointed in more or less the right direction on target for two-three
 : minutes until impact? ok, you couldn't expect a clean landing or even a
 : halfway-smooth flight path from someone who has played a MS-Windows
 : flight sim for a few months, but - if he was going from switching off
 : autopilot to keeping the plane pointed at something the size of the
 : WTC....... I would imagine it would all be on the yoke too, no throttles
 : or concerns about airspeed given you are not really going to care that
 : much what speed or acceleration you have on impact...

The planes were hijacked with knives and re-routed over large
distances: which leads me to believe the original pilots were
long dead.

The two towers were struck with great precision: it's not as 
easy as it sounds.

The pentagon was *landed* on... in a most precise manner:  It
takes a hell of a flyer to put a plane down like that.

There were no fly-bys and/or go-rounds. 

There were no near misses. 

There is no doubt in my mind that those in control of the 
planes were skilled pilots. 



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