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Re: World Trade Center attack

  • From: ben hubbard
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 20:45:53 2001

FWIW - my attempts to direct dial in to DC and NYC around 10:30est today from
here in Indiana all met with no success - some even got no error recordings  -
just silence, other met with "all circuits busy" recordings. However, an very
helpful AT&T LD operator was able to get a call into DC for me just before 11am,
but could not get a circuit into nyc.

During the same period, i also received several calls out of both the NYC and DC
area, so it appears that the "block inbound / allow outbound" restrictions that
were described here earlier worked as intended.

Alexander Kiwerski wrote:

> Not too surprising really, considering the number of calls that are probably
> being attempted to try and check on loved ones, friends etc, not to mention
> what may be reserved or taken over for emergancy agencies and such to
> communicate.  I've had a bit of trouble calling anywhere LD today as well.
> /Alexander Kiwerski
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 11:17 AM
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> Subject: RE: World Trade Center attack
> Rumor has it (from a reliable source) that there are LD switch problems
> all over the country with at least one major carrier, not just NYC right
> now.  Attempts to make LD calls to non-NYC areas have gotten me all
> circuits busy.  Anyone else?
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