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RE: World Trade Center attack

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 20:09:09 2001

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Greg Pendergrass wrote:

> I would if they were killed in front of my face when I was watching. It's
> nice to know you care, though.

Aside from the attitude Stephane displays, the fact is that this event
does have the potential to have serious operational issues that are quite
relevant to this mailing list's charter. I suggest to Mr. Bortzmeyer that
he reconsider his position (and I'm only being polite because I am
required to by the list's charter).

I do not wish to minimize the effect when individuals are killed in other
situations of course. And if this had happened somewhere else it would be
*just* as relevant.

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