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Access to 60 Hudson

  • From: Randy Neals
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 18:46:16 2001

We have equipment in 60 Hudson (RACO) and are interested in hearing any
definitive/first hand reports of the status of that facility.
We have not been able to contact our colocation provider via Telephone
presumably due to overload of the telephone network.

Anybody have any info?

We are also in 600 S federal in Chicago and the Westin building in Seattle.
Any info from those locations?

News from this part of the world: (appologies if anyone if offened by this
part being of topic for NANOG)

We are in the glide path about 5 M West of Toronto International Airport
Planes were incoming about ~every 20 minutes until about 2PM. (normal rate
is every 90 - 120 seconds) No air traffic in last hour or so.
According to news sources about 500 International planes were diverted to
major Canadian Airports. Approximatley 25 in Toronto. Likely Vancouver and
Halifax took most of the International flights.

Two Planes (one identified as a Korean 747) were escorted by military jets
to land in Whitehorse city in the Yukon Territory (Canada) as one was
suspected of being hijacked. Reported by CBC at 15:44 PM.

Canadian Airports are at "Ground Stop". Planes are disembarked on the tarmac
away from the terminal with a fleet of Buses picking up passengers.
ATIS (Arrival Channel) is advising that no departures are permitted except
for military, police, and humanitarian flights by order of the minister of
All planes are instructed to leave their ident beacon on standby while on
the tarmac.
Access roads to Toronto Airport are sealed off.

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