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RE: Horrible world trade center crash, traffic effect

  • From: Wayne Gustavus
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 16:00:32 2001

Actually, local news here in Washington, DC (WJLA Ch7 and WRC Ch4) is
showing video footage of the damage to the Pentagon on the side next to the
heliport pad.  It is possible that there was confusion b/c the damage
occured on the side of the Pentagon that is next to the helicopter landing
pad.  However, an eyewitness on the news reported that he saw the American
Airlines plane crash into the side of the building.  The damage is quite
extensive since it appears the plane was able to punch through from the
outer ring all the way to the center court yard.  The roof over this section
has also collapsed.

Also, despite some reports from the news, the Pentagon is primarily *above*
ground.  Having spent a couple of years working for the Pentagon Renovation
program and seeing many areas of the Pentagon few have seen (some not so
glamorous like steam tunnels), there are only 2 levels below ground.  These
levels do not exist under the entire Pentagon.

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> There are conflicting reports if a helicopter or an airliner, or both,
> hit near the Pentagon, but the building itself does not seem to have
> taken massive damage.

 Report that a plan crashed into the helicopter landing pad, which would
 account for the conflicting reports.

 The majority of the Pentagon is underground, and fairly hardened (from
 what I have been told)