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RE: Where NAT disenfranchises the end-user ...

  • From: Mike Batchelor
  • Date: Mon Sep 10 13:05:23 2001

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> Right, the tradition has roots at least a few years further back
> in the hack created by the "poor dialup shell account user" to allow
> them to get SLIP (and, at some point, CSLIP and PPP) access to the net
> without needing their own IP assigned by using a shell server they had an
> account on, with it's IP address.  First done in TIA, then SLiRP.
> That was... 1994 or earlier.

The earliest was, I think, the program "term" in '92 or '93.  I had a Netcom
shell account (who didn't? :) and was using term with Linux oh about 0.98...
Term was the first, TIA and SLiRP followed soon after.

> And TIA is essentially NAT, implemented in a manner that would be
> considered peculiar compared to today's common implementations.

Ummm, that's an understatement.  You had to make guesses how transparent
serial terminal link was.... and configure the escape sequences by hand in
term's config file.  I think I recall TIA and SLiRP improved upon term by
figuring out most of that automatically.

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